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Jaguar F-Type Review

Jaguar is a reliable car made by manufacturers who like doing things differently. Jaguar F-Type has continued with this reputation. It is s powerful car like its predecessors with Horsepower of 340-575 hp. There is a choice of two body styles, the Coupe, which sells from $61,400 and convertible selling from £65,400.

Jaguar F-Type Convertible

This F-Type offers comfortable cabin ideal for long distance driving but without luggage. The F-Type is a 2-seater sports car with tiny boot space sacrificing practicability for style to make the driver and passenger comfortable. You will find comfortable driving space even if you are over six ft tall. Jaguar F-Type Coupe has the full range of adjustment from comfy, supportive sports seats. You will sit flat in this sports car. Its shapely tail print design has made it essential to add standard rear sensors to make parking easier. You may also add an optional £255 reversing camera.

The interior storage options

There is plenty of space to store odd items in twin cup holders and deep storage bin at the centre of the console. The glove box is reasonably sized while slim doors also feature decent pockets. The car has a soft top that you can raise or lower at a speed of up to 30MP/H, and you get elegance.


F-Type Coupe dimensions at 4,470mm long are mid point between extensive Porsche 911 and compact Porche Boxster. It, however, wider than both by about 12cm and a roof that is higher by few millimetres.


Safety is at the top Jaguar F-Type. Jaguar Coupe has two of fixed rollover hoops for two occupants and is most rigid open top car for its manufacturers. It has a two-stage stability control therefore even inexperienced drivers will not be caught out by all-powerful rear wheel drive in adverse conditions. V6S added mechanical limited slip differential for better grip while V8 S has advanced diff with electronic control.
Torque on demand 4WD system provides secure access to power and works excellently to flatter drivers. There is no power stopping challenge.V8 S features largest brake discs than on any other production Jaguar. Some safety features like reversing camera and blind spot warning system are optional.

Engines, performance and drive

Jaguar F-Type cars including Coupe have supercharged engines made to convey tractable power and the stunning soundtrack. Coupe is in 3 versions:
• F-Type V6 producing 335bhp
• F-Type S producing 375 bhp
• F-Type V8R producing 543 bhp
You can opt for rear or all wheel drive. Manual gearbox option is on V6 models only while V8R had the 8-speed auto. S and R models have adaptive bumpers to improve handling.
Jaguar F-Type Convertible
Jaguar F-Type convertible 4WD models cost more than nearly all rear wheel drive vehicles in their category. Thy, however, delivers more thrilling and safer driving experience. Is on the Jaguar’s latest all-aluminum platform architecture.

Engine and transmission

Jaguar F-Type convertible comes in either supercharged V6 or V8 engine. Both are in AWD or rear-wheel-drive in dynamic styling and luxurious driver cabin. F-Type V6 produces 335bhp whereas F-Type S raises this to 375 bhp. F-Type R is top of the range with a roaring V8 engine producing massive 543bhp. Sand R models have adaptive dampers to improve handling and active exhaust for creating spectacular engine note.
Initially, Jaguar F-Type was only in ZF 8-speed automatic gearbox with shift paddles. Model year changes in 2015 saw Jaguar introduce 6-speed manual box on six-cylinder versions. AWD transmission also came up at this time. 8-spped auto in V8R showcases engine ability entirely. It is smooth in fully auto mode but also works well in semi-automatic mode. F-type gearbox is a combination of control, double clutch transmission punch, accuracy and smoothness of traditional self-shifter. Manual transmission option is available in V6.
V6S is the entry level harder-edged version, but V8 S is a serious version of F-Type. It is a monster that Jaguar says can do 0-100 in just 8.8 sec and reach top 186mph speed fast. It feels even more quickly on the road with delicious flamboyance to handling m ride and steering. It has the attitude of the sports car with very minimal vibration or twisting through body shell. The body control at corners is excellent.
Jaguar F-Type convertible has quick, precise steering, and secure grip and 50:50 weight distributions. The steering, chassis brakes and steering are tuned to deliver sharper responses.
Like all types of Jaguar F-Type convertible or coupe, brands are thirsty for fuel. They are more of the luxury than everyday commuting cars. Ends

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