Cars Made In Gold Metal


There are people in the world that have enough wealth to completely cover their vehicle in gold. This is a costly process, one that would take a substantial amount of money just to get the gold that we need to be melted down to use. The process itself would probably be time-consuming, yet there are many people in the world that have cars made in gold precious metal. Let’s go over how you can find some of these, and a few of the ones that are often talked about in the news.

How Much Of The Cars Are Gold?

Some of the vehicles that you will find online are not real cars. They have been carved out of a solid block of gold, or they are simply small models that are reflective of actual vehicles. However, believe it or not, there are vehicles that do have gold on the exterior of the car. Sometimes it is white gold and other times it is standard gold that has that distinctive gold or yellow color. There are quite a few of them, two of which are very well known because of who made them, and how much they cost to build.

Solid Gold Cars That Were Created

If you want to look for cars that are made of solid gold, you’re probably going to have to go to countries where access to unlimited wealth is quite normal. For example, in Abu Dhabi, there was a solid gold Mercedes-Benz that was made to burn biofuel. Although this was made of white gold and not traditional gold, it still had a gold alloy sheet-metal encasing the entire vehicle. It was said to have cost around $2.5 million, and was developed with a V-10. Not only was it exceptional regarding the gold plating, but it was also a 1600 hp extremely fast vehicle, designed for those that have that type of money to spend. Another one was a gold Lamborghini that was actually plated with gold. It was a Lamborghini Aventador LP-700-4 that was crafted in Germany. These are just a few examples of cars that were made of gold that was made by very rich individuals, but you can probably find more than by searching the web.

How To Find More Of These Cars Made In Gold Metal

Searching cars constructed or plated with gold metal is easy to do. You will likely find several other cars that fit this description. As you can imagine, they are going to be worth millions of dollars. You will be able to find them very quickly by searching on the web. In some cases, they might be close by. You might be able to go to them, check them out, and take some pictures. At the very least, you will be able to see them on the Internet on websites that are designed to display them, or you will read articles about them on the Facebook or national news channels.

Although this is an extravagant way to use gold, especially on costly cars, it still something that people that have the means to do so will do. There are always boundaries to be pushed, and if you have the money to do so, you might also consider creating an entire vehicle that is completely covered in gold. It would not be recommended to use gold for the engine as it would melt, nor would it be easy to drive because of the weight. However, placing a thin layer of gold all around the exterior of the fancy car is something that people have done, and will continue to do into the future.